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Public relations News: In memorial ceremony of late Dr. Kherad pir, Head of E.N.t part of Imam Khomeini (RAH) hospital that was held on Thursday 18th February 2016, Dr. Karimi Yazdi memorial ceremony secretary said:’ traits of Doctor was unique and me as one of his students witness of his valuable efforts and his concerns.’

Chivalry manner of Dr. kheradpir

Dr. karimi said:’ In addition to Continuous activity in clinical part and medical arena, he had an active presence on foreign and interior congresses and professional fields.’

He also added:’ He was youth wrestling champion; in chivalry he had methods with Takhti. Dr. kheradpir was head of E.N.T part of Imam Khomeini (RAh) approximately for 20 years and he always believed that decision making must be taken by the relevant professionals.’

Dr. karimi said:’ we proud that after him, his part is still alive.’

Medical sciences are blessing in behalf of God

At continuation of this meeting, Dr. khajavi head of E.N.T and head & neck surgery society cherished Dr. kheradpair and said that he is pattern of morality and humanity for all of students and graduations and added:’ In a course student, I had been student of him and I hope to appreciate of elders’.

Dr. zahiroleslam is one of oldest students of him, he said:’ He is the first person who taught me how to tonsillectomy. In addition to have medical science, he had human morality and he always at the beginning of teaching in each class, explained about medical morality.’

Counting valuable traits of veteran in memorial ceremony

At following, Dr. zally president of medical council of country said:’ In these ceremonies, many people who have not been familiar with him face to face can be aware of his moral charachterestics.

He added:’ definitely way of Dr. kheradpir has many followers like Dr. Yalda unique professor of medical science and Dr. Bahadori prominent symbol of professional concern.’

Dr. Kheradpir was always sympathic of poor people

At following Dr. Ruhi wife of Dr. kheradpir said:’ some attributes like servant, resourceful and hardworking may be stereotyped and may be found rarely all of these characters in one person.’

Wife of late Dr. kheradpir:’ His physical force and sportsmanship have caused that he was anchor of poor people and caused him to afford in surgeries and still after 20 years, patients appreciated his position.’

Dr. Bahadori president of alumni office said:’ at the time of presence of Dr. Razmpa president of E.N.T part of Imam khomeni (Rah) in alumni office, for holding 20th anniversary of late Dr. kheradpir we inform our readiness to cooperate in this anniversary.’

At the end of this ceremony from president of University and head of Iran’s medical council, alumni office and Iran’s surgeries society was granted some gifts and memorial slabs. In addition to this ceremony, CME program of E.N.T will be held in 18 – 20 March.