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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Tehran University Medical Science alumni activate in remedial and scientific centers around the world and alumni office activate to reach some goals, but approval process of alumni office formation is:

In the meeting of University’s board of administrators that was held with presence of University experts at 29.01.2006 in the place of national museum of medical history, different problems were discussed, one of the most important decisions in this meeting was formation of alumni office. After approval in Tehran University medical Sciences, University council in 2007 was agreed with its formation.

At the following approval of alumni office formation, in separate decrees, Dr Bahadori was determined as head of alumni office and Dr getmiri was determined as secretary of alumni office and This office was established in order to link between University and alumni. University welcome to alumni that have come with different goals.

Nowadays, world reliable Universities have gained valuable experiences and have established great services for achieving this case. Also Alumni with different goals welcome to this subject.

Tehran University Medical Sciences Alumni Office began to work around 5 years ago, in fact this office is established to create an effective communication with University and Alumni.


Very enjoyable for alumni to communicate with old friends and classmates, this office was established for different goals, these goals consist of:

1-   Emotional goals.

2-   Sport programs.

3-   Travelling.

4-   Literary and poetry programs.

5-   Economical joint works.

6-   Formation of forums and multiple centers.

7-   Providing of welfare and social facilities

8-    Creation of stronger and wider links with world for alumni through Tehran University Medical sciences alumni office and now, they are in an excellent situation in these cases.

9-    Creation of Scientific links between members, creation of promotion in the field of Knowledge and professional experience for alumni members.

10- Creation of library and scientific site.

11- Holding of Education, trade and cultural conferences.

12- Providing of welfare and social facilities.

13- Creating of special club for alumni through recreation, sport, services centers and clubs.

These activities can put together University and alumni. Accumulation of them will result multiple benefits for University and also for alumni. Most Universities have established great systems for this case.



1-   Holding of different alumni ceremonies with presence of office head and other University responsible.

2-   Registration of alumni in order to provide of alumni information bank.

3-   Site design of alumni office.

4-   Creating of electronic connection through switching of students emails to graduation emails, at the time of graduation.

5-   Cooperation in execution and holding  alumni ceremony

6-   Holding of educational meetings with retraining score.

7-   Holding of Recreation tours for alumni and their families.

8-   Holding of scientific congresses.

Different international models have been studied, Universities like Harvard, Stanford, London imperial college and indoor universities like Sharif University, Technical college of Tehran University and some old high schools of Tehran. At last, model of Harvard alumni was accepted by experts and colleagues.

In addition to site design, information bank that is related to University alumni is established, registration system has been established and alumni can refer to this site and proceed to their information. After registration in alumni Office, they can benefit to this office facilities.

Postal address:

First floor of traditional medicine college, department No2 of Tehran University medical Sciences, first of taleghani, ghods , Tehran, Iran.

 Tel: 0098 021 66415728 – 0098 021 66418088

 Fax: 0098 021 66495949