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Thursday, October 24, 2019
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A brief of Iran’s medicine history

Antiquity of Medicine science in Iran turns back approximately to begin of human civilization. According to Iran Medical legends, Beginning of Iran’s meicine has been related to Jamshid, legendary king of fourth century. Traditional medicine of Iran has a firm link with Zardtoshti religion. Surgery in ancient Iran has been occurring only when therapy with plant, drug, dictation and ... had not been effective. One of the oldest evidence related to surgery in Iran is 4850 years ago in a girl’s skull in Zabol.

          Climax of progress in Iran’s medicine Science of Islam turns back to establish of Jondy shapour University. This University has been converted to the one of the most important scientific centers in ancient world. Learning language on that time was Arami Language and the first scientific academy language in world was established in order of Anushiravan with gathering of renowned scientists in the world in the field of medicine. This University has helped many more to medical advances to western euorope.

          With appearance of Islam and its expansion to Iran, official language of Islam world (Arabic language) was expanded more and scientists and Iranian Muslim medicines have written their books in Arabic. Medical books of great Medicines in ninth and tenth AD centuries have flourished on Europe medicine and have shadowed on Western Europe medicine. These books after translation learned to other scientific centers. Tenth and eleventh AD centuries were clearance points for medical science with appearance of Ibn Sina and Biruni. The greatest written medical book of Ibn Sina was (regulation) that has been used in European and Asian Medical schools for five centuries as a good reference in medicine, while learning of medical sciences in west was continued with help of Iranian Medical books. Scientific fall, especially medicine had been beginned in 1208 AD with the invasion of Mongols to Iran. They have destructed many scientific centres and libraries in grand cities and burned them and killed many people and many scientists in these centuries have been emerged.

          New Medicine in Iran flourished at the time of qajar and with appearance of Amir kabir and establishment of Darolfonun flourished. This school was established in 1849 AD and has a many courses like medicine, pharmacy, mathematics, literature, beautiful arts, military and political economy education. This school has a main role in expansion and teaching of new medicine and dispatch of students to abroad.

2. Among them we can point out to Jorjani, oofi, Shirazi, Fazlollah and hakim Mohammad.

History OF University:

Before establishment of Darolfonun School, There is not any program for medicine studding in Iran and interested people in medicine after elementary studding in renowned medicines offices, they studies practical medicine. In 1849 AD with establishment of Darolfonun, allocated a separated class and the first graduation of medicine class started to work in 1856 AD and high school of Darolfonon is the first high school in Iran. At that time medical lessons are separated to 3 parts that contains Iranian Medicines, European medicine, natural things and pharmacy. In 1918, for the first time Medicine course was isolated from Darolfonun. It converted to an independent school and a head and separate place was allocated to it. On the first year Iranian women hospital was inaugurated. Pharmacy school of Darolfonun in 1922 and dentistry medicine in 1928 were established, until1934, technical, scientific and administrative affairs was administrated with maaref ministry but with establishment of central policy of high school institution, national council congress, approved establishment of Tehran University and government purchased a ground for this University in Tehran and Tehran University was inaugurated with six schools and official posts for medical school contains medical post, pharmacy post and dentistry post. At the time of University establishment of no above schools weren’t in their main places. Medical college was the first school of Tehran University that has been gone to the main place of University. The first part of Tehran University was explaining hall that was named Ibn Sina, therefore start of Ibn Sina construction was the first construction of Tehran University. Other part of Medical, pharmacy and dentistry with slight delay had been constructed. Explaining construction that at that time was named Ibn Sina was inaugrated in 1934; in 1939 PhD branches were inaugurated in pharmacy and dentistry curses. In next year all of Tehran’s hospitals, were attached to Tehran University Medical College. These two colleges were affiliated to Medical College for many years and at last they have converted to independent colleges.

In year of 1986, following the establishment of the Ministry of Health ministry Medical education was awarded to health, therapy and medical education and after that Medical science Universities were established. Tehran University Medical College with separation of some medical colleges continued its activity independently. After merging health regional organizations in 1993, duty of health service presentation was put on the medical science universities.

University campus


With passing of days and capital expansion, location of university was placed in Tehran city center and converted to a center for cultural, political, scientific and social activities.

Central campus of Tehran University medical colleges is place of many medical colleges and related affairs. What today that has been placed in Tehran University Medical Science contains Medical, pharmacy, dentistry and health schools. In addition central organization, Abureihan School and dentistry school has been placed in this campus. Following establishment of new courses and schools for reason of restriction in physical atmosphere of central University, rehabilitation and nursing and midwifery schools has been established in other places.

University dormitory has been placed besides central campus that there is natural and beautiful landscapes in this place. In addition to University dormitory, there are some residential complexes in Tehran city which are place of student’s accommodation place.

Affiliated hospitals to University that are the most important therapy and educational centers in the country have been placed in the central areas in Tehran. Research stations affiliated to University have been placed in 11 states that have responsibility of research, therapy and health affairs.


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